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An Update from Shari Robinson

Robinson-pic-insert-otoIn mid-January, I had the pleasure of visiting the Columbus market and talking to the Sales Advisors and Leads in two stores. It was a great visit! First, all of the events looked great. The carts were merchandised beautifully and had product available to purchase, the signs were neat and properly posted and the Sales Advisors all did a fantastic job greeting the customer and selling their product. I was very impressed.

Second, I was thrilled to get a lot of positive feedback from the team on the new tablets we are launching. As I wrote in the January newsletter, we are rolling out tablet computers to all stores over the next few months. The tablets will eventually replace paper DDERs. We have been testing the tablets in all of the Columbus stores for the last month or so, and the Columbus team reported that they are very easy to use and things are going quite well. As with all new things, there were a few bumps in the road at first, but everyone is comfortable using them now.

I want to thank Wendi Stevenson, Karena Bailey and all of the Leads and Sales Advisors in Columbus for the great job you have done testing the tablets and working out any issues that you found. Your work has set us up to have a successful launch in our other areas over the next weeks. Thanks for making us smarter on how the tablets should be set up to make them user-friendly! Thanks, too, for spending time with me and sharing your thoughts and opinions on this exciting new technology!

Have a great day and remember—make every event a great event!

Thanks for all you do and have a great month!