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Putting on a Show and Pulling in Customers

Let’s face it — we all have days where we don’t necessarily feel the most chatty or confident. So how do you keep that from getting the best of you?

Sales Advisor Joe “JR” Roman says the secret is to put on a show. “A lot rides on your own expectations,” says JR. “Don’t treat it as a job to just stand and try to sell. Step it up and become the Director, the Producer, the Actor, the Salesman, and give a show that is worthy of you. Don’t ever sell yourself short and cheat the public of the best you!”

JR also recommends engaging customers by personalizing your presentation. “Evoke a personal reason why [they should try the product],” he suggests. For example, is the product easy to prepare? Hype that feature to a busy mother bustling through the store with her children in tow. “Front and center, I [make shoppers part of the show]… and the spotlight is on them,” says JR.