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Connections that Clinch the Sale

Ceceilia KnoblockSales Advisor

Ceceilia Knoblock
Sales Advisor

Sales Advisor Ceceilia Knoblock has a long history in retail. Her previous experiences combined with a successful year as a Sales Advisor have given her a keen perspective on what it takes to make connections with customers that lead to sales.

A good attitude comes first, says Ceceilia. “Before you even come out on the floor, you need to be in an up mood and on your game,” says Ceceilia. “I once learned that it takes less than 3 seconds for a customer to make an impression of you. If you don’t have a smile and way to say hello, you’re going to go nowhere.”

Also important is acknowledging each customer, even when it’s busy. “If I have one customer at the cart and someone else sidling up, I say excuse me and make eye contact with or say hello to the second customer,” says Ceceilia. “It’s important to acknowledge them even though you’re talking to another customer. Sometimes they all become part of the conversation and then you’ve got a mini party started!”

Ceceilia also points out that even if a customer isn’t interested in what you have today, you still have an opportunity to influence whether he or she returns in the future. “If I have something on my cart that doesn’t appeal to a customer, I try to suggest something that will,” she says. “A lot of people do come back to tell me how much they liked what I suggested and to see what new things I have.”