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Getting Shoppers in the Holiday Spirit

dec2014-essential-coverThe holiday shopping season is in full swing and consumers are slowly ticking items off their lists as they count down the days to celebrations planned with family, friends and coworkers. Though not all shoppers think of the grocery store as a top holiday shopping destination, the work you do as a Sales Advisor can be the key factor in changing that perception. According to the latest Retail Perceptions report from Interactions, 90 percent of holiday shoppers have purchased an item on impulse after experiencing a product demonstration. That means the opportunity is ripe to help make shoppers’ to-do lists a little shorter and their days a little brighter.

One place to start is to help shoppers see the gift potential of items on your cart. Keep in mind that most shoppers plan to give gifts to more than just family members. That means a favorite snack presented in a decorative jar or beloved brand of coffee paired with a festive mug could be a thoughtful gift for a coworker or babysitter. Or a bag of dog bones or few cans of cat food could make a special treat for shoppers’ furry friends. Prompt shoppers to consider if someone they know might like an item on your cart as you explain how it could make a unique, personalized gift.

Also remember that baking is big this time of year for many shoppers. Help them see the potential creations they could make with the items you’re sampling. For example, pretzels, chips and other salty snacks can be added to a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe to make a fun and flavorful new creation. And lemon curd, chocolate-hazelnut spread or caramel ice cream topping could put an elegant spin on traditional jam-filled thumbprint cookies.

Lastly, spend a little time making your cart look festive. This can help your shoppers get in the holiday shopping spirit—and help you sell more items. For example, you might use some of the cranberries you’re sampling to make a wreath around your tray or pull in a few candles or mini potted trees from the floral department. Above all, have fun with it—and enjoy the season!