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Preparing for Success

Kathryn WelderLead Advisor

Kathryn Welder
Lead Advisor

From the sales floor to the boardroom, most successful people agree that preparation is essential. Lead Advisor Kathryn Welder is no exception. After four years of working for Interactions, she’s developed several effective habits that help her prepare for success before every event.

“To do well, you have to feel good. So on the days I’m scheduled to work, I make sure I get enough sleep the night before, and have breakfast that morning,” says Kathryn. “I have to take care of myself, before I can take care of others.”

Leaving any problems at the store entrance is also part of Kathryn’s preparation. “If there are things going on outside of my control, I look at it like this: work is a place where I don’t have to deal with those things. I set it aside and deal with it after work. I love coming into work and interacting with my coworkers as a team and meeting new customers, while introducing products.”

When it comes to getting ready to promote your product, Kathryn recommends taking a few extra minutes to focus on your cart presentation. “I love building fantastic displays,” she says. “A good display includes multiple packages of the product you are demonstrating, with different flavors or kinds if they’re available, along with signage, including sale tags. A well-designed display really helps to catch shoppers’ attention.”