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To Shoppers’ Good Health!

feb2015-essentials-coverThough the first hearts that come to most people’s minds in February are the chocolate kind, this month is also American Heart Month—a yearly reminder of the importance of caring for your heart. Along with regularly exercising and not smoking, eating a healthy diet is key to keeping our hearts in tip-top shape. As a Sales Advisor, you can help shoppers understand the benefits of heart-healthy choices this month—and all year long.

One of the best opportunities you’ll have to highlight heart-healthy items this month is through promoted items that bear the green and yellow American Heart Association heart-check label. This designation signifies that a food item meets the American Heart Association’s recommendations for low-fat, low-cholesterol and low-sodium choices that support healthy cholesterol and blood pressure. Be sure to set up your display, so this label is clearly visible to shoppers, and point out the benefits of it as they sample.

Keep in mind that not all heart-healthy choices have the heart-check label. So be sure to read the nutrition facts to look for potential benefits to highlight to shoppers. For example, look for foods that have little or no saturated or trans fat (less than 1 g per serving is considered “low-fat”) or sodium (less than 140 mg is generally best). Also look for high fiber content and omega-3s, both of which can help support healthy cholesterol levels. Make a point to emphasize these benefits to shoppers.

You can also talk with shoppers about how they can incorporate the items you’re sampling into an overall healthy meal. Focus on pairings that include fresh fruit, non-starchy vegetables and whole grains. For example, suggest topping yogurt with flax seeds and fresh berries for a nutritious breakfast packed with omega-3s and antioxidants, or serving seafood with broccoli and brown rice for a fiber-packed, heart-healthy dinner.