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Celebrate the Culinary Adventure of Oktoberfest!

Move over Halloween—you’re not the only October holiday that calls for celebration. Oktoberfest originated as a two-week folk festival held in Germany, where the country’s culture, food and beer are celebrated. Today, similar festivals are celebrated around the world in late September and early October, and many retailers and CPGs feature German cuisine all month long with traditional foods and specially-brewed Oktoberfest beers. In turn, Sales Advisors can take shoppers on a culinary adventure, enticing them to try new foods, drinks and dishes with in-store sampling events.

oct2015-Essentials-beerFirst, Sales Advisors should look to see if traditional German fare can be sampled during October or if an Oktoberfest item featured elsewhere in the store might go with the product on their cart. Popular Oktoberfest foods include bratwurst, Bavarian (soft) pretzels, sauerkraut (pickled cabbage), strudel (a layered pastry dessert), spaetzle (dumpling noodles) and schnitzel (crusted meat). Sales Advisors sampling sausage or mustard could suggest pairing it with sauerkraut, or using the frozen puff pastry on their cart to whip up a classic apple strudel.

Since some German foods aren’t familiar to many shoppers in the U.S., it can be especially helpful for Sales Advisors to provide simple recipes. For example, adding apples, brown sugar and caraway seeds to a can of sauerkraut can turn it into a mild and slightly sweet side dish. Sales Advisors can also entice reluctant consumers by comparing Oktoberfest dishes to other favorites shoppers may be more familiar with. For example, chicken schnitzel is similar to chicken tenders, while spaetzle is similar to egg noodles.

oct2015-Essentials-flowersAs with all holidays and special celebrations, Sales Advisors can also help draw shoppers in by creating a fun, festive experience at their carts. For Oktoberfest, this could include decorating the cart with a checkered blue and white tablecloth, German flags, sunflowers from the floral department, or special German beers from the adult beverage section. Then invite shoppers to come over and join in on the fun—exploring the world one bite at a time.