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Four Steps to Selling Success


Sherry Schuler
Lead Sales Advisor

After 13 years of working in-store sampling events (four of which have been with Interactions), Lead Sales Advisor Sherry Schuler has it down to a science. This month, we share her steps for selling success.

To start, Schuler likes to dress up her cart a bit to capture customers’ attention. “I work with the store’s floral department to pick out a seasonal bloom or arrangement I can put on my cart, along with a nice display of my product,” she says.

The next step is to invite the customer over. “When I’m training a new Sales Advisor, I always tell them that you need to smile and be vocal,” Schuler says. “You need to approach your customer and talk to them. Let them know what you’re doing in the store and invite them over to taste the product.”

Once the customer comes to your cart, Schuler says Sales Advisors should “tell the customer about the product—like if it’s gluten-free or fat-free or how many calories it has. A lot of products have [interesting information about the item or the company] on the packaging, so sometimes I pick things out of those descriptions and share them when I’m talking about the product.

“After they’ve tasted a sample and you’ve told them about the product, ask them if they’d like to take it home,” continues Schuler. “That’s one of the most important things—to ask for the sale. If the customer doesn’t want to take the product right away, then I always make sure to tell them where they can find it in the store.”