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Editor’s Corner: Going Beyond the Headlines


Over the last two months, both Interactions and its parent company, Daymon Worldwide, have released detailed reports on two of the world’s biggest generations of consumers: Millennials and Generation Z. Both publications provide invaluable insight into the values, beliefs, attitudes and preferences that shape these consumers’ shopping and purchasing habits.

Generational studies have for many years been an important part of retail industry research. Studies like these tend to lead to proclamations about a certain generation transforming retail or focus on upcoming shifts in consumerism. In a sense, those headlines may be true. But what happens to existing generations when a new one comes of age? How can retailers and brands synthesize the new insights from these studies into a cohesive message and experience for consumers of many generations?

Our Market Watch feature this month seeks to answer this by digging beyond the headlines and investigating how issues will affect retailers and brands on the front lines. As always, I hope you find the results both informative and engaging.

All the best,

Angelica Martinez