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Executive Perspectives: From the President

The Experiences that Drive Us


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it has become increasingly important for retailers to pay attention to evolving trends. We write about these topics every month in this publication and produce groundbreaking industry reports on trends in the retail industry. We do these things because retailers do not have the luxury of sitting back and adapting. It’s our job to help our partners anticipate consumer wants and needs.

Many may ask how retailers, especially those in the grocery space, can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to enhancing the customer experience. For starters, effective marketing does not have to be over-complicated. In the end, it comes down to the human experience and word of mouth, which are both extremely powerful marketing vehicles. It’s vital to remember that each interaction during your day provides you with an opportunity to create a memory for someone, and in the end, sell products.

When it comes to sensory marketing it is important to understand that consumer decisions and purchase behaviors occur on the subconscious level. This means that more enriching environments lead to a more engaged brain, making it a true experience for the consumer. Oftentimes, retailers and brands neglect sensations such as taste, smell and visuals that often contribute to higher levels of consumer engagement and brand recall. Retailers can capitalize on the power of human senses by conducting visual in-store demonstrations, offering free tasting samples or even hosting a cooking class with featured products. These types of initiatives are a sure way to gain attention of shoppers.

Retailers can work with their partners and vendors to create unique digital solutions, such as a mobile game, an online coupon app or curbside pickup or delivery for online shoppers. Investing in digital platforms should be a strategic decision that’s best for the business and incorporates the wants and needs of shoppers—and what they value the most.

While technology has become an integral part of our society and serves as a useful resource for many retailers, it’s important to take a step back and understand what truly resonates with customers: a human connection and genuine experience. Facilitating a positive and engaging in-store shopping experience will stay with a consumer longer than a quick online purchase. This is something for retailers to keep in mind as the next generation of shoppers walk through the door.

All my best,


Bharat Rupani
President Retail Services