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From Jim’s Desk: A Letter from the CEO


Jim Holbrook
Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Daymon’s Retail News Insider

Happy New Year! First, thanks so much for spending a few minutes of your day with us.

This is the seventh year of Retail News Insider—Daymon’s publication for the retail industry—and this year we are introducing more improvements and more new features than ever before.

Each month, we’ll include stories from every corner of the world; stories about our people and our efforts in how we are making the cash register ring for our clients. From strategy and insights, to package design and supply solutions, to retail execution and consumer experience marketing—we will share our knowledge with you.

Ultimately, Daymon is a company of retail experts here to deliver results. But, what exactly does that mean? For me, Daymon is about three things.

First, we are educational. White papers, reports, data, market analyses—our teams develop insights every day for our partners that impact the way we do business in our industry. Our teams influence the future of retail and improve business for our customers. When a supplier or retailer hires Daymon—our knowledge is their knowledge.

Second, we deliver results. If you compare business results before and after working with Daymon, I am certain that our teams make a positive impact. Simply put, Daymon makes the cash register ring more today than it did yesterday.

Third, Daymon is about people. There is a humanity about everything we do because people are our biggest asset. It is our people who provide the services that change the industry one service at a time. Bottom line: With Daymon, our partners have access to 40,000 amazing people who all have a common mission in delivering success across the board.

We hope you enjoy this issue—and we want you to consider this your publication. So, let us know what you think, and what you’d like to see. Here’s to a successful 2017.

All the best,

Jim Holbrook
Chief Executive Officer