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Retail Execution: Innovation Drives Growth for SAS Retail Services

Never stop innovating. That’s the advice Daymon gives to its retail clients. So it’s only fitting that they follow it for themselves. The proof of that can be seen in the recent string of new business wins Daymon’s Retail Merchandising team, SAS Retail Services (SAS), has announced over the last quarter. These wins range from the tried-and-true grocery merchandising services SAS built its reputation on—to more diverse services in new markets, categories and channels.

To be fair, SAS’ recent more “conventional” win wasn’t just the acquisition of a new program—but the evolution and elevation of an existing one. Starting in 2014, SAS began providing managed merchandising services for a grocery retailer with over 2,000 corporate and independently owned stores in the U.S.

While the managed model worked well for the independent stores, it increasingly became clear that the corporate-owned stores could benefit from SAS’ dedicated model. With time and perseverance, SAS was able to convince the retailer that moving to the dedicated model in these stores could help drive efficiencies and improve their competitiveness.

Beyond the traditional grocery space, SAS has made strides in expanding its business into the health, wellness and nutrition categories with new business wins for two separate retailers in the space. “This is a new area for us, but one we believe will become ever more important as the focus on health and wellness continues to grow,” says Michael Bellman, President of SAS. “Both programs are a great opportunity for us to expand our expertise.”

Last but certainly not least was the recently announced naming of SAS as one of Walmart’s Preferred Service Providers. “Being the largest retailer in the world, it’s obviously a big win. It’s also a relatively new channel for us. We haven’t done a lot in mass merchandise before, so that’s a real opportunity,” says Bellman.

While each of these new wins is unique in its own way, Bellman notes that “they all validate what we at SAS have believed for a while—that the benefit of our model continues to gain traction and prove its value by delivering results.”

“We continue to think that we’re in the middle of a transformation in the industry,’ continues Bellman. “We’re currently focused not just on launching new programs here in the United States, but also on exploring international opportunities.” This dedication to continued growth and innovation is what it takes to succeed in retail today—whether you’re on the front lines or playing a supporting role behind the scenes.

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