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Engaging the Reluctant Sampler


We’ve all seen the shopper who looks at your cart several times, but still passes on by without stopping. Though you can’t expect to get every shopper to try every product, you may be able to pull in a few more—and land a few more sales—with the right encouragement. This month, Sales Advisor Zach Barber, who works in the chef kitchen at Meijer in Grand Rapids, MI, gives us his tips for coaxing reluctant samplers out of their shells.

“From what I have observed, it is not shyness that keeps customers from trying my samples but pride,” says Zach. “People don’t want to stand out by going out of their way for a handout. This is why I try to illustrate to the customers that they are being catered to, rather than just taking a free snack. When I catch someone making extended eye contact with the food or with me, I always try and engage them… on a personal level. [I also try to make] the samples and my presentations look great [so shoppers feel like they’re getting something special].”

Pulling in shoppers with a genuine, positive attitude is another one of Zach’s tricks. “I whistle and sing quietly at my station to show I am enjoying myself. By being passionate about the sample I’ve created and conveying positive energy with each interaction, customers see that I am [happy and having a good time]. People want to be around happy people.”