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Editor’s Corner: Delivering the Insights You Need


Can you believe it’s already April? It seems like this year is flying by. I know for me, part of that feeling comes from all of the research we’ve been doing for Retail News Insider and other projects we’re working on in order to deliver you, our valued partners and associates, the cutting-edge information you need to succeed.

In this month’s Market Watch feature, I’m excited to help unveil one of the projects that’s been keeping us so busy: Retail Perceptions, Interactions’ new consumer insights report based on our own primary research. This will be the start of a series of reports designed to go inside today’s trends to identify key opportunities for retailers and brands.

Our first report focuses on the impact online research is having on shopper behavior. I was surprised at the sheer number of shoppers who go online before they buy and how it affects not only what they buy, but where they buy it. There’s definitely a lot of food for thought there, especially for retailers who may be underestimating the power of the Internet to drive sales.

More of these insightful reports are in the works, but they’ll only be available on our website. So don’t forget to check back regularly to see what’s new.

As always, we’ve got plenty more information in month’s issue to help you better understand and perform in today’s retail environment. I hope you find this issue—and our new report—informative, enjoyable and useful.

All the best,

Kelly Short