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Editor’s Corner: The Importance of Appearance


Let’s be honest: we are visual creatures. As much as we may say “it’s what’s inside that counts,” outward appearances still play a role in our decisions for everything from what partner to pursue to what clothing to buy to, yes, even which stores to shop at.

That said, when we conducted our latest Retail Perceptions survey, it was a little surprising to see just how much appearance matters when it comes to shopper loyalty. As you’ll learn in our Market Watch feature this month, the survey revealed that visual elements including lighting, displays and even employee uniforms can all have a big impact in where consumers choose to shop. The survey also revealed that when many shoppers aren’t happy with their in-store experience in these areas, they’re likely to take their business to a competitor. The insights and opportunities revealed make this one article—and survey—you won’t want to miss.

Appearance also plays a key role for Sales Advisors when it comes to engaging with shoppers on the selling floor. This month’s Essentials to Engagement and From the Front Lines columns both include some great tips for making a good impression—the first time and every time.

The rest of the issue is also packed with important news and insights to help educate and inspire you. As always, I hope you find it informative and enjoyable.

All the best,

Kelly Short